Benefits of Address Validation and Verification Software

If your business relies upon electronic or paper catalog mailing, you acquire your customers from a variety of sources: web contact forms, purchased lists, inquiry cards, and databases. Depending on the size of your customer database, you could be sending out thousands of catalogs. With those numbers, address accuracy is a real concern; address validation software makes it easy to check your entire list before mailing to ensure that your catalogs make it to the correct destination. Below, you will find some of the other benefits of Address Validation.

Decreased Delivery Time

The sorting system used by the Postal Service is very efficient, as long as addresses are complete and properly formatted. If sorting is error-free, your delivery time will be faster than if street numbers were manually processed. Using Address Validation software will ensure that all labels are formatted correctly, allowing your marketing department to better plan time-sensitive mailings. This type of software will also make it easier to measure and analyze a particular campaign’s success.

Elimination of Inaccurate Information

There are many factors which can lead to incorrect data; everything from a fake submission to a mistyped address can generate inaccuracies. Address validation software will scan each street and city name for errors, correcting numbers and words. It can also complete inaccurate locations by adding zip codes and extensions. You’ll have lower overhead, because you’ll only be sending mailers to customers who’ve actually requested them.

Higher Deliverability

By using address validation software, you’ll enjoy improved deliverability, lower overall operating costs, and non-sale transactions. Delivering a catalog to the wrong address can mean multiple “no more mailings” or “return to sender” requests, meaning that your customer service and warehouse staff have to spend time processing that returned mail. If a customer has in fact requested a catalog and never receives it, you can lose sales. Having a database of standardized addresses makes it easier to catch duplicate entries, making for a more efficient business.

Whether your business is brick-and-mortar, online or a combination of the two, many customers still rely on catalogs and other mailings to influence their purchase decisions. With address verification and validation software, you can reduce operating costs and time spent by ensuring that your mailings make it to the proper destination.

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