Determining the Appropriate Bandwidth Management

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Software

Every company today uses the Internet to one extent or the other, regardless of the industry it is in. Large corporations and technological companies rely on it even more than smaller companies or those that are not in the technology field. In order to ensure your business is receiving the proper bandwidth, it is important to integrate successful Bandwidth Management right from the start to ensure a consistent connection and seamless operation of all applications.

Determine Your Needs

The first place to look when determining the Internet needs for your company is to take an inventory of the applications that are most used, as well as those that are critical to your company’s operation. The applications that require heavy bandwidth use, such as VoIP, video surveillance and eCommerce programs, to name a few, should be monitored closely to ensure their consistency. Once you are aware of your company’s applications and its needs, you will be better informed when choosing the right Internet connection.

Determining the Speed

Once you have an understanding of the programs and their specific bandwidth requirements, you still need to determine the appropriate speed. If your programs start to glitch or your VoIP calls start to drop, chances are you do not created the appropriate bandwidth management that is needed to run all your programs successfully. It is important to talk with the company providing your Internet to determine the bandwidth requirements of the heavy applications your company uses to eliminate many headaches and lack in productivity.

Monitor the Users

Another major component of the bandwidth usage is which employees in the company are using the most bandwidth. When you are aware of which employees use the most resources in the network, you can determine what your needs are and if they need to be increased. The productivity and efficiency of these employees is a critical aspect in making sure your bandwidth needs are met.

Determining the needs of your company and its bandwidth management can seem overwhelming at times. When you break it down into the simple steps of determining your company’s needs, the speed that works best and the usage of each employee, you will be able to manage the usage and ensure the proper function of all applications all the time.


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