Do You Need Enterprise Document Management Software?

Whether you have a well-established business or just a recent startup, you are going to have a lot of paperwork. For businesses that have been around for a long time, especially ones that existed before the internet takeover of business, it is very likely you have a lot of paperwork that is actually written on paper. Physical copies of documents are hard to sort through, hard to categorize, and hard to store. Also, physical paper attracts bugs. It is also very susceptible to damage by water, heat, or fire.

What would you do if a flood ruined all of the hard copies of your paper work? Would you lose payroll information? What about customer orders and employee records? Would you lose sales figures? If you backed up your documents on an internet cloud, you wouldn’t lose anything no matter what happened to your physical copies.

That’s what document management is. Document management is organizing, digitizing, and backing up your documents with an internet cloud based system. One such system, the Enterprise Document Management software organizes your work.

Do You Need Document Management?

Cloud based document management means that your product information, employee records, and customer information will all be stored on an internet based database. With a system such as the Enterprise Document Management software, you can decide which employees are given access to which parts of the system. Employees such as your secretary can be given access to employee records and customer information, but not the records of the management. Or, for another example, you could give temporary employees access to enough information to perform their jobs. Controlling who has access to which files is an incredibly useful feature of a cloud based management system.

Also, you can give or restrict editing permission from certain employees. You can set who is allowed to add files or documents to the record. You can also control who is allowed to edit or remove items. This way, you can control what information comes into and leaves your business without having to actually monitor every piece of information. Set the regulations and don’t worry about it again.

Perhaps the most useful feature of a document management system is the secure backup system. With physical copies of documents, you run the risk of heat, water, fire, and time decaying or destroying the records. Even if you back up your physical files on your computer, you are not completely protected. Without the records being backed up on the internet, a flood or a fire can still destroy the records. When they are backed up on an internet cloud, they will exist for as long as the internet exists, which we assume will be quite a long time.

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