Everything You Wanted to Know about VoIP Fax Server

VoIP fax server is very important in today’s world where Voice over IP is gaining increasing popularity. Having a VoIP implies that you have deployed phone infrastructure within your business environment. However, switching to VoIP may pose a challenge because you have to interface a new VoIP system and the ability to receive and send faxes. Fax over IP commonly known as FoIP technology has made it possible for organization to integrate VoIP with faxing bridging the gap using a network of fax server.

In the past, fax servers were implemented using physical server via an internal fax card or modem in connecting to digital or analog phone lines. However, organizations that use VoIP no longer desire this because it requires maintenance and it cost them to pay for separate phones that are not part of the VoIP system.

Modern organizations now have fax servers that communicate with VoIP system directly via a local area network. This has made VoIP system compatible with digital or traditional analog connections and the provider of telephone services. Through this new technology, organizations have been able to eliminate connections to different telephone lines.

This has several benefits including elimination of maintenance associated with separate telephones and their installation cost as well. It has also allowed for easy management of phone resources for the organization via the telephone system. Perhaps, the most important benefit among contemporary organization is the ability to operate VoIP fax server on virtual server using an application.

Unlike the traditional fax services that required the use of separate physical card or modem as their connection point, modern fax servers use software module for communication with the network interface of the server. This connects them to the VoIP system via a local area network. Through the modern servers, organizations can benefit from virtualization option. Thus, in case there is a disaster, organizations can clone, snapshot, or even restore servers,

Maybe you are looking for a fax server to engage for your organization. Perhaps, you are thinking of switching to the new connection system. Today, there are many companies that offer fax server solutions. It is important that you consider engaging services of a professional and reputable company that has been in the industry for many years. Hire services of a firm that is determined to provide efficient and effective solutions to your organization. This way, you will realize maximum returns from your investment in a VoIP fax server services.

Axacore provides professional VoIP fax server, to businesses which enhances efficient communication.

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