Fast Facts about the Arduino Uno

The first thing that you need to know about the Arduino Uno is that it’s a highly simplified version of the microcontroller. You give it input, and with the program, it will give you output. For instance if you input your finger on a button, or send it a twitter message, it will give you the programmed output whether that is powering a robot, executing a bit of code, or even turning on a light. This device and its built-in programming language is easy enough for beginners to use, or advanced enough to be the reliable core of a number of advanced projects.

Many Applications

Whether you are a teacher in the classroom, a parent wanting to engage your children with programming projects that match their interests, or a musician, architect, engineer, or artist, the Arduino Uno can be a part of your daily life. At a cost of around $50, this versatile piece of equipment can work with Linux, OS X, and Windows. Both the hardware and software are open source, and offer a simple, clear, programming environment. There’s even a guide to get you started on your way.

Join In

The Arduino community is one with a robust support base, forums, and a number of tutorials and projects ideas with a fit for everyone. Whether you are beginner, or an experienced and advanced user, you will find information, support, and projects that will suit your interests and abilities. For teachers and educators, the community is a great place to find projects to engage your students, and for parents it’s a great way to encourage everyone to participate in a fun family project. For people who want to learn how to code, it is a great confidence builder at any age. Join in and learn something new, and increase your confidence with the vital skill of programming.

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