Four Benefits of Online Billing Software for Lawyers

One of the most common mistakes a lawyer can make is to overbill their clients. Believe it or not, some lawyers’ billing mistakes lead to under billingclients as well. Unintentional overbilling and underbilling are most often due to simple forgetfulness-but when a lawyer forgets to record work time and then makes up for it by estimating, he can quickly find himself in the middle of a lawsuit. Online legal billing software is the easiest and most effective way for lawyers to avoid this top cause of malpractice lawsuits.

Online Billing Software Remembers Time for Lawyers

You will never again have to worry about writing down every minute you spend with a particular client. Our legal software is designed to automatically record your time at the click of a button. If you forget, our integrated programming will remind you of appointments, consultations, and other time spent with clients that you didn’t create a time entry for, so you won’t waste your time at the end of the month scrambling to get billing matters right.

Our Legal Software Remembers Expenses, Too

There is more to billing clients than just charging them for the time you spend on their cases. You may have to account for expenses like filing fees or shipping on legal documents. Our intelligent legal billing software can pick up on these common expenses and help you ensure they appear into your bill.

Legal Billing Software Saves You Money

Aside from the obvious fact that a fully-integrated billing system will keep down overtime costs when your staff starts creating invoices for your clients, billing software can help lawyers cut costs in many other ways. Our software is so user-friendly that you may be able to hire just one person to do the work for you, or even do it yourself. Not to mention, you may be guarding yourself against a potential lawsuit resulting from unintentional improper billing.

You Can Access Your Billing Information Any Time, Anywhere

Online legal software offers a benefit that you won’t get with any other kind of legal software: you can access your information on any internet-connected device, whether in your office, home, or even on the beach. So if you suddenly remember something important on your Saturday morning off, you can use your desktop at home to input information to the system, and it will be accessible at the office on Monday morning. Because the software is entirely online, you know that your data is always secure.

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