How to save money on printer ink

There are endless rumors afoot that certain printer manufacturers are putting “best before” dates on their replacement ink cartridges. The manufacturers apparently have responded by saying that over time the ink will dry up and degrade in the cartridge if not used promptly. It is possible that manufacturers are formulating their ink to degrade but it may just be a ruse, whatever the case may be it may be a good idea to check online for any detrimental comments before you actually buy a new inkjet printer.

All printer manufacturers go to great length to tell you how only their ink cartridges will work, they go on to say that the ink formulation in ink cartridges refill may not be correct, they also suggest that third party cartridges will not fit the electronic interface that is on the cartridge body. Refilled ink cartridges have been around long enough now to know there is little truth to these scare tactics, if the ink cartridge refill was no good, there would not be a large number of companies involved in the business. There is nothing wrong with buying cartridges from an independent, they are most certainly cheaper and every bit as good.

Another great way to save on printer ink is to go mono. If you do not have any need for full color prints then there is no need to have a printer that has the capability. Many people in this situation will forego an inkjet printer in lieu of a black only laser printer. The initial cost of the toner cartridge is considerably higher than an inkjet cartridge but when the number of prints per cartridge is calculated, the laser toner is quite a bit less expensive. An inkjet page costs about 5 cents, the same page printed on a laser costs about two cents. It does not take long for this three cent per page savings to add up and cover the higher initial cartridge cost.

If you or your small business does a lot of printing, stick to black, print in draft mode and buy ink cartridges refill in bulk. Many online dealers offer further discounts again for bulk buys and they pay the shipping costs.

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