Improve Employee Time Management with Wireless Time Clocks

Owners of small to medium-sized businesses -looking for easy ways to save time and money should consider replacing their time keeping system. An out dated time clock can drain money from a company without it being realized. For example, employees may be abusing the system by stealing time without your knowledge. Buddy punching is a problem with punch time clock machines that cannot protect business owners from employees punching in for each other. Installing biometric employee time clocks with attendance tracking features that read fingerprints and facial features can stop this practice for good. Biometric web-based time clocks make it more difficult for an employee to ‘cheat’ the system. This is one of the reasons why out dated time clocks are quickly being replaced by systems that enhance attendance tracking and make it impossible for employees to clock in their colleagues.

Today’s Web-Based Time Clock

Businesses that want to see a return on their investment should purchase a web-based time clock. This way, business owners and managers can effectively track the work span of their employees from an online dashboard. It is about more than just tracking the hours an employee works. Workforce management systems give employers the ability to calculate payroll totals, sick time and employee benefits. It gives them the ability to know who is currently punched in, who left early or who arrived late. These figures are real-time, which means they are accurate and viewable from any computer, tablet or Smart phone with Internet access.

Employee Management Builds Strength from Within

One of the most effective ways to manage employees is to make sure that a time clock system keeps them honest. Besides ‘buddy punching’, employees have been known to work longer hours without approval. When an employer can monitor the arrival and departures of employees, they are more capable of implementing better employee attendance habits that fit with company regulations. This also is a very good way to keep future disputes from happening concerning company work hours. Being able to reduce the deception involved with employees arriving late to work, working overtime or leaving before they are supposed to can strengthen many other parts of a company. Since automated time clocks generate reports that can be instantly accessed through cloud technology, employers have the chance to focus on specific situations and rectify them before they get out of control.

uAttend is proud to provide ground breaking employees time clocks to small and medium-sized companies. This innovative technology helps keep entrepreneurs in the loop when it comes to the scheduled time their employees keep during a normal work week.



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