Organize your Mail Room to Cut Costs

Busy mail rooms can slowly drain your business with hidden costs you might not think about. If you are looking for ways to save money with your business getting organized in the mail room could be one of the answers.

Create a Schedule

Mail rooms should be departments of habit. How the day flows will help you identify if you have the right amount of staff, not enough or too many people in the department. Take a look at when mail arrives, when pickups occur and any other patterns you might be able to identify throughout the day. Then prepare a schedule that mail room staff must adhere to each day. From sorting and delivering mail to each department to when departments must have non-rush mail to the mail room for pick up you can come up with a tight schedule that ensures all tasks are completed and that there is a daily flow that will improve efficiencies. Also consider how mail flow affects other departments and ensure their needs are met. Once the schedule is in place look for improvements on how work is completed and note if a) you can shorten the shift for some people and b) you can downsize or even utilize idle staff in other departments.

Proper Equipment and USPS Software

Investing in the best equipment and USPS software will save money as well. Becoming as efficient as possible always saves money and streamlines processes. Look for:

*Envelope sealers

* Mailing scales with printed stamps

* Label makers

* Electronic postage machines

* USPS Software

Shift Responsibilities

Once the changes are made, if you find you have idle staff look to the rest of your business to see if there is an opportunity to shift responsibility to the mail room. For example, do you have departments that do a lot of collating at certain times of year such as accounting? Do you have large direct mail campaigns the advertising department junior staff do that maybe could be moved to the mail room? Do you pay a shredding company? Maybe you can buy a shredder and have weekly or even daily shredding to save. The right person for the right job always saves money in the long run.

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