Successfully Advertise and Promote Businesses Events

Do you need a fast way to alert clients and potential customers to an event you are having? Now you can by simply adding a calendar to your website or blog so you can constantly inform people of upcoming events. This tool can network across several sites and network connections to give a company more exposure concerning events with the potential to reach a larger audience. Using a website calendar widget and a variety of devices from computers to smartphones, you can display one or a few events at a time to promote current and upcoming events in your community.

User Friendly Calendar Widgets

The calendar can be used in conjunction with advertising efforts to further expand a business and increase their ROI. Keep customers alert when it comes to promoting upcoming events so your business remains visible and active. Music bands can benefit from a calendar widget to promote concert dates and locations. Hospitals can list health fairs, when and where vaccines are administered, or any information they would like to promote to the public. These are a few examples of how a calendar widget can be utilized to increase business. The general public will be able to search for sales, events and promotion that are happening in their community provided by your business. They can easily search by dates, categories, and locations for an event they would like to attend.

Website Calendars that Are Easy to Use

A calendar widget allows you to keep up with events that are active. A business can even pre-post future events that can be displayed with the simple click of a button. Past events can also be viewed from the archives. A business can even check for any duplicates from a side bar, removing the extra event. There is even the capability to network multiple events that can be uploaded and displayed across several sites at one time. All of this can be edited by any electronic device with internet access, enabling a company to make any changes at a moment’s notice no matter where they may be located.

Sharing Your Calendar

A calendar widget for a website is easy to install on your webpage. Your business can enjoy link backs to your homepage so potential customers have the opportunity to view information concerning products and services offered by your company. This savvy marketing tool organizes your promotions and events making it easier to endorse and broaden your network. Connect with a new target audience using a calendar widget that links regions and allows you to convey information across a large network.


EverWondr Network can provide your business with unique networking products and services that increase your ROI. Contact them to request a demo for a website calendar widget that makes networking a cost-effective and simple task that keeps your business organized.

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