Take Advantage Of Windows Web Extensions Through Windows Hosting

Depending on the type of design philosophy for a company’s website design, a company can save itself a lot of time by choosing a web hosting company that specializes in Windows hosting.

For web hosting servers, Windows servers refers to the type of software installed on the servers.  In decades past, most servers ran UNIX operating systems for their perceived superiority in maintenance and security.  It was also considered a superior solution for cross-platform requirements.  Since then, Windows has been established as a popular choice for servers and has almost as many installations as UNIX.

However, servers for Windows hosting applications tend to have superior performance for web applications that are designed to run with Windows extensions.  When constructing a website, web designers are concerned with the platform choice during the specification stage, when they choose they database provider, the GUI design, the architecture, and the design software.  In each of these areas, Microsoft has provided a solution that leads the industry in performance, but often requires Microsoft extensions.  If a designer chooses any of these packages, then it is often a good idea to choose Windows-based hosting at the same time.

GUI design stands out as one of the most compelling of the four windows offerings.  The Windows system was originally designed to emulate the look and feel of a Macintosh machine.  Several decades ago, when Macs led the industry, Windows always had to upgrade its version of Windows in order to keep up with the innovations at Apple.  However, after Microsoft cornered the market for operating systems, they became the look of the industry.  Even though Mac continued to innovate and improve on the Windows offering, most people only saw Windows.  It became the de facto standard.  Even now, when Linux has captured a significant portion of the OS market, Microsoft Windows still sets the standard for GUI usability and design.

For this reason, application designers targeting the largest audience, want to create software that looks like Windows.  Windows creates special software devices called controls to allow the designers to do this. With these controls, designers can make their apps look like Word, Excel, or any other Microsoft application.  Perhaps more importantly, users that are new to the designer websites will feel comfortable using controls they know from their favorite Microsoft apps.  Of course, these controls work best with Windows hosting.

If you are a designer who wants to take advantage of windows website components, be sure to consider using Windows hosting for the site. Use Windows hosting for extensions that will help you integrate your website into the Windows environment. For more details visit us online!

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