The Advantages Of Using A Virtual Private Network Setup

When you use public networks you have to worry about people snooping around and secretly observing your web browsing activities. This is dangerous because important information about you can easily be stolen, and this can put you in lots of trouble. In order to protect yourself you need to consider investing in a Virtual Private Network Setup, or VPN setup. Let’s look at a couple of reasons for why this is a good idea.

For starters, your signal will be encrypted while you surf. When you’re surfing the net on a public wi-fi, your information isn’t being encrypted. The signal that you’re producing can be hacked by anyone with a little experience and the right software. Hackers are constantly intercepting unsuspecting web surfers while they’re online in hotels and coffee shops. These places typically only have public wi-fi, and there are even some phony wi-fi signals that could be picked up by your tablet or laptop. Invest in Virtual Private Network Setup at Veritivity in order to make sure your information is safely encrypted.

Using a VPN is also good because you’ll be much less easier to track. Everyone who accesses the internet has an IP address. This address gives information detailing the location of where you’re accessing the web. Some people may be okay with this, but others tend to find this very intrusive and uncomfortable. With a Virtual Private Network Setup your location will be secure. How? The setup changes your IP address all of the time. With a VPN you can be in a coffee shop in California, but your IP address says you’re at a corner deli in New York.

There are a number of employees and students who complain that they’re unable to access certain websites while using the school or job’s network. Employers and schools have to block certain sites in order to protect their own systems. However, there are a number of harmless sites that get blocked in the process. With a VPN connection, you can bypass these restrictions and access whatever sites you’d like, just as long as they’re safe.

Contact Veritivity to find out more information about VPN services and they advantages they provide.

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