The Importance of Duplicate Elimination from Your Mass Mailing Lists

If there are duplicate records in your mailing list, then it can be a big problem for a company that is working to acquire larger amounts of data. In most cases, the instances of duplicate records are the result of an employee not knowing that a person has already signed up for the mailing list. This is where Duplicate Elimination software can be extremely helpful. It can ensure that you are not sending your mail to the same person, at the same address more than once.

Avoid High Costs Associated with Multiple Mail Send Outs

If you have duplicate entries in your mass mailing list then it will end up costing your business a good amount of money since you will be sending out the same pieces of mail to the exact same address several different times. Not only does it cost your business money to print out each of the individual pieces of mail, but it will also cost money for the postage to continue sending the same mail again and again to the same person.

Multiple Free Products Mean Lost Money

Another issue with duplicate entries is the fact that when you send promotions to the same household more than once, the result will be a loss of money for your business; this is especially true when you are sending out a free item or an item that has been heavily discounted. Customers will also begin making the claim that they deserve multiple discounts since the mistake of multiple mail outs was yours, costing you even more.

Compromised Brand Reputation

If you send too many of the same pieces of mail to only one customer’s address, this will appear unprofessional. The will automatically assume that you should be using software to prevent this problem and ensure that they will only be given one piece of mail. The fact is that promotional mail is not enjoyed by many, and if a customer receives it twice, then it will only appear unprofessional. For customers, this is just another piece of mail that they will have to throw out, which means that they will be even more likely to ignore your message with multiple mailings.

An Affordable Solution for this Common Issue

When compared to the cost of multiple mailers being sent to customers, duplicate elimination software is an affordable solution. You will eventually see a ROI for this investment and maintain a positive reputation with your end customer.

Consider the benefits of Duplicate Elimination software offered from reputable companies such as Anchor Computer Software.

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