Top Vision Systems from PC Industries

Panels and Controls Corporation was a business started in 1975 that specialized in industrial process equipment such as the electrical controls used in printing presses. By the 1980s, the name became PC Industries, and they expanded their product line to include register controls along with strobe lights for printing and packaging machinery. The 1990s developed video web inspection systems for printers which developed into complete print inspection systems for security printing and pharmaceutical industries. Inspection technology was further advanced by the introduction of 100% inspection systems, high speed line scan systems, and automatic proof reading systems. Today they offer a range of inspection technologies and vision systems, and are capable of delivering turnkey solutions for different industries.

One of the top rated vision systems from PC Industries is the Guardian PQV which is an accurate and powerful print inspection system that is used on both narrow and wide web applications. It can be used on any rewinder or press in order to detect print defects and improve quality. The defect roll map can record any defects which can then be moved to an editing work station for review. It can be approved or rejected before sending it to a rewinder. On the rewinder, the Guardian automatically places defects for correction. A running log of all actions is kept so that your customers can depend on defect free orders.

In 1992, the company introduced a line of web viewers with the brand name GRAPHIC-VISION. These GV500 Series vision systems are industrial quality viewers at affordable prices and include the GV510, GV520, and GV530. The GV500 Series is constantly being improved for industries needing an economical answer for web inspection. Printing jobs are occasionally plagued by defects such as mis-registration, hickeys, streaks, and over/under impressions. The unit is easy to operate due to the high-resolution camera with a flat screen monitor. There is also remote support provided for system diagnostics and upgrades.

Every vision inspection system from PC Industries comes with a 30-day performance guarantee. If the system can’t meet the agreed upon specifications within the initial 30 days of using the product the full cost of the system will be refunded minus startup costs and shipping fees. In fact, all products are backed by guarantees for specification and performance!

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