Troubleshooting Your PC When it Won’t Start

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Computers

If you wake up one morning and find that your PC will not start, before you take it in for PC service in Los Angeles, there a few basic things you can try to get it working again. Not to be over obvious, but you should, first of all, check and make sure that it is plugged in. Anyone who has worked at a computer “help desk” will tell you that this is the problem more often than anyone would like to admit. Sometimes, those of us who live on more profound levels of thought tend to miss the most obvious solutions.

Corollary to the previous, if you find that it is plugged in and receiving power (or is a laptop that is adequately charged), make sure that it isn’t actually on but not responding. You can tell by looking at the light that is usually located near the on/off button. If the light is green, your computer may be on but not responsive, which may mean it is time to call a PC service in Los Angeles. On the other hand, you may need to check and make sure your monitor is on and fully connected. The second most embarrassing complain “help desk” workers receive is related to this possibility.

Your next step is to check for loose cables. Make sure the power cable is fully fitted into the computer slot. If the light indicator isn’t malfunctioning, then it should come on when your computer is on. If there is not a light, there is no electricity, and your computer isn’t responding.

If the PC comes on and beeps and begins its procedure, begins to load Windows then dies, check the fan the next time you turn it on. If the fan is not working, you may have a problem with the power supply and need to replace it. Power supplies are fairly cheap, ranging from about $25 to $100 and more, and they are easy to replace if you are familiar with the inside of your computer at all. Pay attention to how your old power supply is connected to the fan and to the hard disk, and reconnect the replacement in the exact same way.

If the fan is running but your problem still is not solved, you may need to call a PC service in Los Angeles in order to have your computer serviced and repaired. They may answer some questions initially over the phone to evaluate whether you need to bring your computer in for service or not.



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