What Is A KVM Switch and How They Are Beneficial

KVM stands for keyboard, video, and mouse. It has drastically transformed the way we utilize modern computing. KVM switches can be used to control multiple CPU’s from a single location, such as a USB mouse or a VGA monitor. KVM switches have become a vital part of thousands of businesses and industries, leading the way in technology and paving the foundation for the next generation of computing. KVM switches can control up to 128 servers at any one time, with character password protection up to 8 characters. Rackmount KVM switch models are very beneficial to businesses because they also support a resolution of up to 1920 x 1440, making them an ideal choice for presentations that require larger viewing capabilities.

The Benefits of Using A KVM Switch

KVM switches offer a world of benefits. Unlike computers, a KVM switch doesn’t require any shut down at all. You can hot plug it wherever you want, and have your hardware up and running in no time. This makes them great for environments which require a lot of moving around, or multiple CPU usage such as call centers, data centers, and even military institutions. By upgrading your system to support a KVM switch, you open a world of benefits and it could even prove to increase your productivity rate due to the fast efficiency of the technology itself.

2-Port KVM Switch Alternatives

As you know, KVM switches come in many shapes and sizes. The varied choices can make it tough to know which one performs which task, and the level that it performs at. A two port KVM switch can be used to control two computers with a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This type of hardware also supports audio, making it great for those who need quality sound to get the full experience. This type of KVM switch is most beneficial for home use. If you run a home business, then you could use one computer to store your personal files and the other to store your business work documents without having to switch over the monitors every time you need to use a different application. A KVM switch could also save you money in this instance, as you would only need a single monitor to operate both of your computers.

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