Where to Find IBM Mainframe CASS Solutions

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) is a creation of the USPS that helps businesses match and correct addresses. Though most problems aren’t bad enough to have the mail returned to you, you cannot take advantage of bulk mailing discounts and it may take longer for your mail to reach its destination and recipient.

Because every business has some type of computer, most could purchase CASS certified software and use it to ensure correct mailing addresses. However, those companies with an IBM mainframe were generally without many solutions. There used to be just one provider of IBM mainframe CASS solutions, but there are more and more companies that are now offering IBM mainframe solutions because they are needed.

Why Needed

Mainframe users are starting to demand a more cost-effective way to have CASS certified mail with technical support. These companies have been in business for many years and want to take advantage of CASS certified mailings, including discounts and saving time.

The Pitney Bowes’ Code-1 Plus used to be the only address standardizing software available for the IBM MVS, os/390 and z/VSE mainframe systems. However, services are now improved for mainframe users, vendors are consolidated and there are lower operation costs due to the newer software options available. Companies who use IBM are no longer shunned by this type of software.


Newer versions are easier to understand and use, which is a large benefit because it can save you time. As a businessperson, you are busy with so many other functions that it can be a great time saver to ensure your addresses are automatically updated and verified to be correct. These solutions are also interactive and can provide you with real-time matching. You input the address you have and it will come back with the correct option based on postal data files.

You may also be able to look up ZIP codes, cities within the state, streets in a city or ZIP and companies within a specific city or ZIP code.

As with other types of software, the benefits of using IBM mainframe CASS solutions is ultimately the same. You will still be able to receive discounts for your bulk mail and by using only valid addresses and you will minimize possible delays of delivery. Your list of addresses that you created over a period of years or purchased will all be correct and changed to be valid.

IBM mainframe solutions for CASS certification used to be difficult, but Anchor Software has created some new software just for IBM users.

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