Why restaurant chains should convert to Digital Menus for both inside & Outside Drive Thru area?

High definition digital menu boards have gained popularity and are slowly replacing the printed hard copy menus in drive thru and restaurants today. This can be attributed to the fact that the digital menus both for the restaurant’s interior and outdoor drive thru offer very attractive displays and are quite easy to use.

Digital drive thru menu boards have the following advantages:

1. Easy and efficient to use Digital drive thru menus are quite easy to install and update.

They provide restaurant owners with the option to even schedule outdoor drive thru menus to change at different meal times during the day. This has greatly reduced the need for print out menus or having to manually write the
menu on chalkboards in the restaurant. It is also possible to automatically change items and items pricing on
the menu display with a quick and easy change from the system software.

2. Attractive display Price and menu advertisement plays an important role for most restaurants.

As such, digital drive through menu boards plays a very essential role in providing appealing menu displays in order to pull customers to drive thru and restaurants. The digital menus show items and their pricing, special offers, videos for promotions and among others. The digital drive thru menus also offer a wide range of attractive
display designs for restaurant owners to choose from and it is therefore quite easy to blend the displays with
the interior decor of one’s restaurant for an attractive look.

3. Environmental friendly and cost effective.

The digital drive thru menus are helping in conservation of the environment since they are removing the need for and replacing print out menus. This is especially effective since with the printed menus, one had to get rid of the menus in case the items pricing needed to be changed. Therefore the digital menus boards also reduce printing costs.

4. Enhancing Impression of the business.

Digital drive thru menu boards appeal to the aspect that people rely on their visual senses to choose their preferred foods. With the menus for outdoor drive thru, it is possible to appeal to these senses by providing 3-D graphics of the foods in the menu and draw people to the restaurants. The digital drive thru menus also provides integrated music and other visual effects that entertain people while they wait for their meals. It is also possible to sell ad space to other businesses and therefore increase the restaurant’s earnings.

5. Maintaining brand consistency.

It is possible to maintain one’s brand over multiple chains of restaurants in different areas with the digital drive thru menus. This ensures loyalty from people who have identified themselves with a certain restaurant or drive thru over the years. With the rise of so many drive thru restaurants, it is important for restaurant owners to embrace the advancement in technology with having digital drive thru menus for their drive thru outdoor menus and digital menus for their restaurants.

This will go a long way in providing them with great advertising opportunities and hence help in the growth of their businesses further. If you are in need of a professional digital signage expert that can build a custom digital signage solution based on your needs reach out to TJG digital Signs for a free consultation.

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