You Won’t Be A Sap If You Use SAP shipping Systems

You will have to excuse me; I am just a simple Shipping Manager for a small to medium sized enterprise; I don’t even glorify my existence by using the term logistics manager. So, when I was recently hauled into a board meeting; to explain why so many of our hitherto good customers were moving to the competition on account of our not fulfilling our shipments in a timely and efficient manner; I grew hot under my collar when the IT manager said it was all to do with me being a sap. At least, that is what I thought he said.

It’s Not sap – It’s S.A.P.

And it stands for “Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte” which is German for “Systems Applications and Products” which is an overall organization computer platform developed in Germany by some IBM engineers; who, today, claim the company that they founded ranks up there amongst the biggest inter-enterprise software companies and they say that they are the world’s 4TH largest independent software producer. It transpired that we had recently upgraded our company’s total organizational IT system to one from S.A.P. and, overall, it was a vast improvement over the ad-hoc systems installed piecemeal over the past years.

But, It Was Not Running True For Our Shipping

According to the IT guy; all those little tweaks; that I had slipped into the old system to make my life easier and help me get the right goods to the right places at the right times; simply did not gel properly with our new S.A.P. system. It seems that the inbuilt provisions for shipping with S.A.P leave something to be desired when it comes to the multi carrier shipping operations that we and our customers desire.

An Add On Was Needed

Shipping can get quite complex; especially if national boundaries have to be crossed and you have no choice but to use several different carrier companies operating different forms of transport to get your goods to different customers who each have different labelling and documentation requirements. For SAP shipping Systems to work reliably, you need an extra, native SAP business add-on for your existing S.A.P. system. Once this is in place, the whole organizational IT system can mesh together for best overall results.

When looking at SAP shipping Systems, it would be wise to contact Nexxio LLC for the extras to make it work for you. You can phone them on 214-526-0014

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