Four Ways To Boost Your Brand Recognition At A Small Business Conference

With our tagline of “Thank you for supporting small business” we focus in on helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups to get the top quality expo and conference they need to learn, grow and get noticed.

However, when it comes to getting noticed and gaining brand recognition it is really up to the individual. Ramping up your presence at a small business conference is more than just showing up, it is about how you approach those visiting your booth and how actively involved you get in the entire day.

Over our years of presenting these amazing networking opportunities we have learned a thing or two about simple, cost effective ways to boost your brand and your recognition in the market.

Go Big on a Booth

A polished, professional and unique booth is always a big attraction at a small business conference. If you are on a limited marketing budget shop around online. You will be surprised at the display options available from high-quality exhibition marketing suppliers.

A professional looking booth with lighting, great graphics and your brand front and center will help solidify your brand in the mind of your customer. Just be sure to book early to reserve booth space so you won’t be disappointed.

Provide Education

Educating consumers, even business to business consumers, about the value of your products and services in their lives is critical. By providing this information through discussions, literature, infographics and displays as well as with multimedia presentations and demos your customers will not need the hard sell tactics. They will understand the inherent value in what you are offering.

Be Seen as an Expert

By providing education at your booth, or in seminar presentations at the small business conference, you can market you own personal brand. Since many small businesses and entrepreneurs are uniquely identified with their product, this is a terrific marketing tool for both.

Being seen as an expert or a person with specific knowledge is positive in any industry, field or specialization area. It is also a terrific way to network and meet others to continue to increase your knowledge and education in managing and running a small business.

Personally Interact with Others

Whether you have a booth, are making a presentation, or are at the small business conference as an attendee making the effort to get to know other small business owners and participants is the best marketing possible.

Bring your business cards and get involved in our speed networking events, our business card exchange, and just in the general conversations occurring all through the conference.

With free attendance to register and the opportunity to build your brand all we want to know is what are you waiting for?

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