Increase Mailing Performance with Merge Purge Accuracy

There are powerful computer programs that have been created to give you merge and purge accuracy. Merge Purge Software was originally created as a turn-key application meant to help you save money and increase your profits by cutting mailing costs. When it is used in tandem with pattern recognition applications, you are able to eliminate and identify records that are matched with a system’s extensive database for deceased individuals. Merge and Purge Software comes in different forms that can be utilized by businesses.

Keep Your Company Up to Date with Brilliant Software

The Deceased Suppression System and the Prison Suppression File are both utilized to keep the mailing lists of companies current. When used together you will notice a dramatic savings. It can be expensive paying for postage for mailings that are returned or reach destinations with no current resident. Being incarcerated is a possibility that most companies may not consider when receiving returned mail. With the use of comprehensive list of people that are in State Prisons, City Jails, County Correctional Facilities, and Federal Prisons, you can make sure that you reap the savings when mailings are not sent to those addresses.

Features from the Deceased Systems

Using the Deceased System enables you to browse through sixty million entries that are automatically updated. When you need to purge entries from your mailing list, this program eliminates records that have been duplicated or entered incorrectly. You will also be able to generate summary reports so all of the deceased entries are listed during the elimination process. Other reports you will be able to generate include dupe elimination summary reports. Businesses need to be able to provide summary reports that are broken down according to match types. Frequency reports require a break down per grids covering the last five years, as well. A system of this magnitude also provides state reports and reports based on age and gender so your company stays current despite changes that are out of your control.

Merge/Purge Software Can Help Save Money

There may be a multitude of reasons why mailings do not reach their destination. The bottom line is that a company needs strong and supportive software that helps them save money while monitoring address changes. Merge/Purge software can help solve problems that are caused due to deceased recipients, or those that have been incarcerated. A lot of times these addresses are left in a database and continue to drain a company of their resources. Do not wait for a problem to surface. You can streamline all of your mailing requirements using innovative Merge/Purge software.

Anchor Computer has been supplying Merge Purge Software to business all over the country. When you need to save money on your mailings, contact them to learn more about their comprehensive programs and software.

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