Why is P2P Video Streaming a Good Solution for Businesses?

P2P (peer to peer) video streaming is a software-based media delivery solution that allows the distribution of data to multiple parties without the need for a centralized server. Those involved in P2P video streaming make a portion of their network’s resources, such as disk storage, bandwidth, or processing power, directly available to others who are connected to the network. This allows for a combination of forces and provides those involved with a way to engage in video streaming activities that are far beyond their regular capability and capacity.

Avoid Sluggish Service

Traditional video streaming methods are a great way to get content to viewers, but can be bogged down as the number of viewers increases. This method divides the existing video feed between all the viewers, which causes slow delivery times, lags in service, and even failure of the system to deliver the desired content. This is obviously one of the major downfalls related to video streaming, but P2P video streaming avoids this issue because of its collaborative approach which draws strength from the crowd. By leveraging stream recipients as distribution points to other nearby recipients on the local area network, the connection is reliable and the delivery of content is swift.

Efficient Video Transmission

P2P video streaming is a good solution for businesses because it allows a large number of viewers to access the same media at the same time. You are not limited by your existing network or your current bandwidth restrictions. Given this, peer to peer video streaming provides efficient video transmission over the internet for both live video streaming and on-demand video streaming.

Video is a very important and impactful medium which is increasingly being used by companies every day. By providing employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and other members of your target audience with secure, rich media, your business will be utilizing state-of-the-art technology that works well with your existing corporate structure. This type of media delivery solutions enables you to reach any audience in any location by overcoming network and connectivity limitations.

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